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Friday, 18 Aug 2017

Creating / Customizing Templates

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To protect your template changes from upgrades you are encouraged to duplicate and rename the classic or contemporary folders in the template directory.  If you are updating from a previous version of Maian Media/Music that does not have the template functionality you should setup and test on a different instance of Joomla.  The mapping between older versions and the current structure are as follows.

   |_css     <---------------> views/mm_stylesheet.css and rss_style.css
     |_cart              <---------------> media\cart (Folder)
     |_icons    <---------------> media\icons (Folder)
|_email      <---------------> html\email (Folder)
|_pages     <----------------> html (All Files in base folder)
|_paypal    <---------------> html \paypal (Folder)
|_tpl      <---------------> html \tpl (Folder)
The files that control the template are as follows:
|_helper.php      <---------------> Add Helper Functions for your template here.
|_templateDetails.xml     <---> Add Parameters for your template here.
|_view.html.php     <---> Main functions that render the different views.
If you have some knowledge of PHP then you can create functions in the helper.php and call them from the browser with the following url.
You can also call the functions from the parent helper class (inc/helper.php) using the following syntax:
echo $this->getTracks();