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Friday, 18 Aug 2017


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First off I've seen to many people who mess up when adding track and then complain about the system now working.  I just have two words for you Absolute and Relative.  Please keep this in mind when you are setting up your music store.  The mp3 Downloads must use the  Absolute path in the settings and the previews use the Relative path.  All the system does is concatenate what you have in your setting to what you have in the add and manage tracks.  To make it simple take a look at the following:

MP3 downloads
Settings |   Add New Tracks & Manage Tracks
"/home/user/mp3/ "+ "/subfolder/track.mp3 "

Settings |   Add New Tracks & Manage Tracks
"/preview/ "+ "/subfolder/track.mp3 "

The append url will also give you a clue becuase it will genertate the following for each player:

If you ask me for help and I do a view source on your webpage and see the following:


I will point you straight to this F.A.Q.  Below i will go more indepth about setting up the paths.  If you don't understand what to do after reading this then this system is not for you.


Setting up mp3 download folder

To start the mp3 download paths can be stored outside of the public_html or htdocs folder.  Most host set up there user folders like so:


If you want to store your mp3 downloads outside of the public_html folder then you would create a folder in the following location:


Once you create your folder you would add the path above to your components settings.

Setting up preview folder

The previews can be stored outside of the public_html depending upon how your server handles relative paths i.e. ../

I know that for some people this works but for most it does not.  That is why I suggest that previews are stored inside your joomla root directory.  You your joomla installation is locted at


Then you would create folder for your previews at:


If you want to store your previews outside of the joomla root then use:


This would assume your previews are located at:


Storing previews outside the root folder works for some configurations but not all.

You would have to update your settings to reflect how you have set up your preview folders. You also have the option to append the url to the preview folder if the previews will not play in the browser for whatever reason.

Adding tracks

When you add tracks all you have to do is list the name of the mp3.  If they are in a subfolder then list the subfolder and track name. i.e /subfolder/track.mp3 or track.mp3

Previews are still not playing?
Do a view source on the page and go to where the flash players are generated. 

!-- Begin Flash Player -->

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data=""

width="240" height="20" style="a:active, a:focus {outline: 0};"> 
<param name="movie" value="" />
<!-- End Flash Player -->

Take the url generated and see if you reach any of the mp3’s.  If not then you have done something wrong and you need to go back and correct your preview paths

In closing the previews are relative to the joomla index.php which is stored in the joomla root folder.  The mp3 downloads MUST list the absolute directory and when you add tracks you just list the trackname and/or subfolder.  If you don't you will get a FILE DOES  NOT EXIST!! Error

If your still have problems check the sticky at the top of the forum where users have posted there experiences.