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Friday, 18 Aug 2017

How to I set up my Paypal account?

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If you are using Maian Music 1.3 then the url's are

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is PayPal's interface for handling real-time purchase confirmation and server-to-server communications. IPN delivers immediate notification and confirmation of PayPal payments you receive and provides status and additional data on pending, cancelled, or failed transactions.

For more information, click the following:

1 => Log in to your Paypal account and click 'Profile' from the 'My Account' menu tab.


2 => Click 'Selling Preferences > 'Instant Payment Notification Preferences':


3 => On the next screen, click 'Edit' and you will see the screen shown below. Check the box to enable the IPN system and in the 'Notification URL' box, enter the full URL to your notification page. This is the url to your main music index.php file with the query string '?cmd=notify' attached. You can use 'https' if you have SSL enabled. Then click 'Save':


NOTE:: If the system is already activated and using a URL from another script, then leave this as it is. The music system will still work ok.


1 => From the 'Profile' tab, select 'Selling Preferences' > 'Payment Receiving Preferences':

Payment Receiving Preferences

This page lists some options, which are hopefully self explanatory. Use the Paypal help links for information. For example here you can prevent anyone from sending you money using the 'Send Money' option if you only want to receive money through your website.
1 => From the 'Profile' tab, select 'Selling Preferences' > 'Website Payment Preferences':

Website Payment Preferences

Again, here you are presented with a list of options. The URL for the auto return function would be as follows:

This is the url to your music index.php file with the '?option=com_maianmusic&section=thanks' query string attached.



Be sure to turn on "Auto Return" and "Payment Data Transfer".  Click save and a Identity Token should appear when the page reloads. Copy this token and add it to the Settings page in Maian Music.


1 => From the 'Profile' tab, select 'Selling Preferences' > 'Custom Payment Pages'.

Custom Payment Pages

You will see the screen shown above. Besides the default paypal style I have created one called 'MDream'. This function lets you set up your own page styles. For more information click on the 'Learn More' link at the top of the page Paypal page. Once you have created a page style, specify it in your Maian Music settings.

The really great thing about the IPN system is you can test it out to make sure it works without the worry of actually processing any payment. For this unique option you need to have a Sandbox account. This is free to web developers and can be found here:

There are support forums for you to get help with the IPN system if you are experiencing problems. Once you have a Sandbox account set up you can enable this to test the script out.

In sandbox mode no emails with download links are sent becuasse the emails in sandbox DO NOT EXIST

To enable the IPN system in the script go to your admin area and select 'Settings' from the drop down menu.

For a more advanced overview of the Paypal system, download the Paypal IPN manual:

Paypal IPN Manual